gold silver comex broken
Something Wicked Is Happening on the COMEX Futures Market
September 4, 2020
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Blue Lagoon’s Dome Mountain Mine Has Explosive Upside Potential
September 8, 2020

Shadow Contracts on COMEX and the Gold & Silver Raid

gold silver comex kirian deso shadow contracts

Kirian van Hest joins me to talk about his research on COMEX and what he is calling shadow contracts for gold and silver. This is the interview many of you on this channel have been asking me for.

We dive deep into the data and discuss how the contract numbers just don’t add up. We also discuss the timing of some of the contract flow and why it doesn’t make logical sense in a normal market.

It is clear to both of us that physical metals are being raided off of the COMEX, and the recent data suggests there isn’t much left over.

Lastly, Kirian gives us a preview of what he thinks could happen to gold prices next.

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