Fed Inflation Program Extremely Bullish for Gold and Silver

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Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics joins the program to discuss the Fed’s newest policy on letting inflation run and how this will affect gold and silver. Fed Chairman Powell let the market know that low interest rates would be continued, with some analysts speculating this is more or less permanent policy until 2025.

We discuss how this is extremely bullish for the precious metals. We also discuss how not worrying about the markets short term picture on gold and silver makes investing easier. While it may be frustrating, the fundamentals are aligning for a major uptrend in both metals.

In addition, Chris and I discuss how little actual physical metals are available on the market, and why premiums on physical are widening again over the futures market prices. Chris has an upcoming FREE conference called SilverFest, and I will be on one of the panels. Come join us, it will be very informative and a lot of fun. Register here: https://hopin.to/events/silver-fest

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