America’s Critical Resource Dependence Threatens The Economy

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This live stream was recorded on Aug 7, 2020 at 12pm CST and is being rebroadcast on this channel.
Our natural resource panel answers your questions at the North American Monetary Metals Summit.
I am joined by Ann Bridges and Greg James as we discuss platinum, palladium, rare earths, cobalt, and other critical minerals to American industry.
We discuss the issues with China dominating rare earth production and processing, and our need for those resources for our technology-based economy.
We discuss our dependence on OPEC nations for oil, and how that puts us at a disadvantage in economic negotiations. Dependence on other countries for our raw materials increases the chances we go to war to secure our resources.
We discuss how we are dependent on South Africa and Russia for our platinum and palladium supplies critical to our automotive sector.
We discuss how the company Aether Catalyst is developing a cheaper base-metal alternative to platinum and palladium that will both
a) reduce our costs of manufacturing and
b) reduce our dependence on shaky supplies of them.
We discuss possible answers for allowing critical resource mining that will provide America mineral independence, reducing costs and costly military conflicts while increasing our productive capacity.
We answer questions on how to restart our mining sector in critical minerals and how investors could profit from this new activity.

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