silver gains steam gold silver comex jpmorgan
The Silver Bull Market Continues to Gain Steam
July 30, 2020
silver breakout
Silver Smashes Resistance on Way to Breakout!
August 7, 2020

As Silver Crosses $29, Here is What Happens to First Majestic Silver

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Our precious metals expert panel answers your questions at the North American Monetary Metals Summit.

I am joined by Dave Kranzler, Chris Marcus, Rafi Farber, and 30 conference attendees to discuss the precious metals, mining stocks, and state of the economy in our live stream at #NAMMS2020.

We discuss what happens to First Majestic as silver crosses the $29 mark on its way to $30.

We discuss why the mining stocks are still getting caught up to the price of gold and silver.

We discuss what is happening to gold and silver on the COMEX.

We also discuss what happens to precious metals when the dollar collapses, and whether they will maintain value when we hit high inflation.


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