gold in gorilla mode
Gold is in Gorilla Mode, Technically Speaking
July 17, 2020
silver smashes $20
Silver Finally Smashes Through the $20 Ceiling
July 21, 2020

Negative Interest Rates BULLISH For Gold

florian grummes midas touch

I meet with Florian Grummes regarding the economy and precious metals markets. We discuss the following points:

  • Negative interest rates and what the Fed may do;
  • Why gold becomes more attractive as interest rates fall;
  • Gold’s chart is overbought now but he thinks it will retest $1900;
  • We are in the final stage of the fiat money system;
  • Velocity of money is down due to COVID;
  • COVID’s affects are accelerating gold bull market;
  • COVID economy is complicated as lock downs are still in effect;
  • Money supply is creeping into system and causing inflation;
  • Austrian economist’s description of final expansion of money and credit until crash;
  • Hyperinflation is a possibility given the current direction of the central banks;
  • Next year he believes gold will break $2000.