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July 11, 2020
silver war amped up gold silver pros
Silver’s Price War Just Amped Up
July 17, 2020

Silver Futures Activity Predicting Explosion in Silver Prices

mt st helens silver

Join us at our online Gold and Silver Summit on August 6-7​7


I discuss the silver futures market, and the signs that COMEX data is giving us about the direction of silver prices.

  • How open interest has exploded in a very small market
  • How the contracts standing for delivery of 69 million ounces for July dwarfs previous data
  • How JP Morgan moved over 30 million ounces from ‘eligible’ to ‘registered’ at COMEX to meeting what appears to be settlement of short positions in real physical metal
  • How July 13’s report shows that an additional million ounces, net of market, were moved into the registered category
  • Why it could propel the silver miners into new territory

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