Astounding Hyperinflation Call From John Williams, Shadowstats

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We talk to John Williams of Shadow Stats about government statistics and the current economy. John has been an active economist for 40 years and has provided us great insights in this interview. Our discussion covers the following points:

  • His background as a business owner and the end caused by a dollar collapse;
  • His next move was establishing an economic consulting business;
  • His view on government statistics, and how they have been changed over time further from reality;
  • Why this tends to make economic planning much tougher than it used to be when government data was clear;
  • Why he believes inflation is 9% when using historic government methods;
  • Why people are now aware the government is understating inflation;
  • Why the price of gold tends to lead inflation, and is predicting higher inflation in the US;
  • John believes 20% inflation is possible by the end of the year;
  • The extraordinary Fed spending regardless of budget deficit and debt levels
  • Government forestalling economic collapse which will happen eventually
  • More massive interventions on the way, with much higher inflation on the way
  • Why John puts his assets into physical gold and silver;
  • John believes the Fed is led by very smart people but they don’t have solution for this problem;
  • His statistics show unemployment, pre-COVID, were much higher than reported by government due to statistical meddling;
  • And why unemployment is likely to rise even if we begin a full recovery soon, which is not likely;
  • Why he believes these factors will likely lead to hyperinflation of the dollar.

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