An Expert Explains Why Junior Miners Are Making a Comeback

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We chat with Kai Hoffmann, owner of Soar Financial and OrenInc regarding the research on the junior mining sector that his companies provide. This information is free to the public. We discuss the following points with Kai:

  • Kai’s company focuses on the junior mining sector, and is the most complete information resource in financings in that sector (for 1400 companies);
  • Investment in junior mining is moving up in the last few months, after years of the sector languishing in obscurity since the 2011 gold high;
  • Flow through financing explained and why it works for Canadian investors which allows investors to absorb company expenses in their own tax accounting;
  • An American alternative to flow through financing called charity flow-through financing;
  • A monthly index view of the junior financing sector;
  • We discuss where the money is coming from as it flows into the junior financing sector;
  • Why Kai thinks the main markets are vulnerable to shocks which will benefit the entire resource sector;
  • G&A transactions are up which will lead to recognition in the sector and lead to investors rewarding success in the sector;
  • He is holding an online conference for investors to follow the space in July.

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