The US Social Contract is Breaking Down – Protests and Unrest are Increasing

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We discuss the social unrest, and the protests, that are happening in the US right now due to the death of George Floyd. We start by showing two videos of attacks on police in what appear to be some sort of retribution, or statement, against what is perceived by many as police violence against innocent civilians.

While his death was completely tragic and avoidable, the protests are, in our view, a continuation of other protest movements that have been occurring in the US the last few years. They are also aggravated by a society of increasingly unemployed workers, due to COVID-19, that have more time on their hands with which to organize and air their grievances against the state in public demonstrations such as these.

The 2017 Berkeley Protests and the Antifa movement are a part of the same trend towards societal unraveling that occurs in mature nations that have reached their cultural and political peaks. We review research indicating these trends have occurred in most major societies across the world, over time dating back 3000 years.

This means the trend is not specific to problems in the US, but that the problems in the US mimic the issues that all societies must eventually face as they mature. And we talk about the economic, cultural, and political ramifications that these trends predict will occur here, based upon what has occurred in past cycles.

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Note that while the video includes some clips of protesters and police encounters, Gold Silver Pros does not condone any form of violence and is only using these clips to discuss the societal ramifications they predict will occur in our western societies.

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