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May 27, 2020
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Author of High Finance Explains Why Tech Leads Way As the Dollar Devalues

Logan Kane High Finance Cyrpto Paypal Kientz

Logan Kane, author of High Finance and popular Seeking Alpha contributor, stops by to discuss his thoughts on the current market. Logan is one of the brightest analysts I have ever followed.

Logan and I first met a couple of years ago, having lunch at a nice local restaurant and talking stock analysis, gold, and the economy. Logan does fantastic research into the markets, that while providing a data analytics view that is contrarian to most market investors, is nonetheless very valuable to investors seeking outstanding returns against the market average.

Logan and I cover the following main points during the interview:

  • Printing from Fed and how dollar must devalue going forward, down 25-30% to get the debt under control;
  • His research showing that stocks go up and night, and down during the day pretty regularly;
  • Why Paypal is his top pick for 2020;
  • More efficient ways to pay each other are emerging (including crypto) and will replace old methods such as paper checks;
  • Separating long term account from short term trading accounts, can trade both;
  • Logan is not a technical chartist, uses to confirm known stock anomalies such as momentum from 1 day to 1 year with an eye on fundamentals;
  • Explains why mean reversion occurs after liquidity shock when a large investors dumps a stock not due to fundamentals;
  • Coronavirus is accelerating pre-existing trends, including shifts into high technology-driven growth;
  • GDP will grow but standard of living will do down to debt, where US leaders are actively running existing institutions into the ground;
  • Corporation trends of buying back stock, taking debt, and cutting payroll to inflate numbers in the short term, provide less long term value creation.