Pop Media Review: Larken Rose on Why Shutdowns are Pointless, Stupid, and Evil

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The newest installment in the Pop Media series is a discussion on the effects of economic shutdowns by Larken Rose. In this series, we review popular media (movies, videos, et al..) looking for common themes related to economics and the freedom of choice.

In this video, Larken does a remarkable job in describing the myriad negative effects that the shutdowns are having on the economy, when compared with the data on the health effects from the virus. He does what we consider a good job of providing a laymen’s view that should appeal to a wide variety of people, regardless of background in economics or general medicine.

Typically we provide criticism of the themes being promoted in popular media. But in this case, we have little to criticize from Larken as we are in general agreement with all of his points. For that, we say Bravo Larken, Bravo!

Key points made in the video:

  • Discusses the fact that the virus doesn’t kill any more people than the regular seasonal flu;
  • Discuses the fact that flattening the curve does not save anyone, but prolongs the risk of those with existing conditions will face the risk of dying longer;
  • Discusses how the authorities never said wearing a mask and staying 6 foot away from others would prevent getting the virus, but was merely designed reduce overwhelming hospitals;
  • Discusses how hospitals are now empty as COVID is not driving people there and people with other pre-existing conditions are staying away, putting themselves at higher risk;
  • Discusses how the shutdowns are unconstitutional, and people should simply ignore the government and go back to work;
  • Praises the sheriffs and police officers who upheld the Constitution;
  • Shows how people in India will die by the millions, along with people in other nations not as wealthy as the US;
  • Describes how the shutdowns have affected 30 million Americans by destroying their lives through job loss;
  • Describes how domestic abuse, child abuse, suicide, and depression have escalated since the shutdowns;
  • Americans need to think for themselves, which is their right in this country.




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