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October 1, 2019
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Gold, Fiat, & Crypto Series Introduction

This series is primarily aimed at the cryptocurrency versus gold debate for the purposes of providing a common framework of currency concepts to understand the debate. It is intended to clear up some of the myths and misnomers that many have regarding both  electronic and natural money. Despite the prevalence of central banking systems around the world, we also need to toss in some discussion of fiat money concepts to solidify the debate.

Both the gold and crypto communities have some common ground to work from when discussing scarce, free market money alternatives. Both are antithetical to the centrally-managed inflationary central bank monetary regime. Both spring from free market thinking popularized by Adam Smith; as well as libertarian idealism in both privacy and individual action. Where they differ is in the mechanism used for the actual exchange of value.

Gold bugs have long yearned for the return to metallic money, perhaps including silver with gold, as the answer to the problems with central banking which are many. Gold is a natural