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Making the Case for a Silver Bull Market with Arcadia Economics’s Chris Marcus

Arcadia Economics Chris Marcus

Chris Marcus, Founder of Arcadia Economics, and I discuss the silver market, Fed policy, and treasury yield curves. Here is a list of topics.

  • Chris believes the investment profile of silver is stunning and he explains why he left Wall Street to pursue his current investment course in the metals.
  • We discuss manipulation in American commodities markets, and the 150 year history of such issues as documented by University researchers.
  • We discuss his interview with CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton. Chilton explains JP Morgan’s silver futures position exceeding position limits, and how the rules changed to prevent recurrence.
  • Chris provides his opinion the apparent new “whale-sized” long position in silver and how it may be impacting silver’s price.
  • We discussed the physical silver shortage that occurred in 2008, and whether we may actually be tighter in the physical market now than 10 years ago in terms of available above ground stocks.
  • We discuss the market supply and demand factors in the silver market, primarily how silver price was too low to expand mining production profitably.
  • We discuss increased investment demand in silver, and what that means for the market price longer term.
  • We discuss the Fed’s recent decision to rate cut, and how much room they have to work with during the next recession.
  • We discuss the 10yr/2 yr treasury yield curve nearly inverting today, as the last milestone predicting oncoming recession.
  • We discuss point of no return in debt in the US.
  • We discuss the ongoing currency problems in Argentina.



About Chris Marcus:

Chris graduated with a degree in finance. He began his career working at bond rating agency Moody’s.  He attended Wharton where he interned at Merrill Lynch, and then worked at options trading firm Susquehanna International Group (SIG). Chris then founded his own company in 2012, Arcadia Economics, which focuses on protecting investor wealth through the precious metals markets.


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