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April 5, 2019
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April 13, 2019

GSPros Broadcast – Eberhardt on Gold, Silver, and Illusions of Wealth

Doug Eberhardt

I met with Doug Eberhardt, owner of Illusions of Wealth and Buy Gold and Silver Safely, to discuss his thoughts on the following topics:

Why the national debt math does not add up

Consumer spending trends (are they up or down, and what does that mean)

How the recent Fed announcement on reducing the number of interest rate hikes, and how *potentially* moving back into an easing stance in coming years may affect the markets.

The advantages and disadvantages of leveraged ETFs, who may want to trade them, and why.

Gold’s role in preserving wealth and as an inflation hedge

Where the gold price is heading

How Basel III regulations will affect the gold price and how countries will hold it.

Why miners have more upside in the future (leverage to commodity price) than just owning the metal outright.

We discuss a few miners that both he and I like.

John Exter’s Inverse Pyramid and where gold, silver, stocks, bonds, and derivatives all sit within that framework. We discuss what a recession may have in store for those investments, particularly the ones on top.

You can find Doug’s two websites here:

Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Illusions of Wealth