GSPros Broadcast – Dave Kranzler on State of the Markets

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  • Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics stops by to discuss the State of the Markets, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and precious metals.
  • Dave provides insight into which markets he is investing in and which strategies he is developing.
  • We also discuss the accounting practices of both Tesla and Amazon, including risks investors may not know they own with these companies.

The divergence between economic fundamentals and the stock market is astounding. Most of the key economic indicators in the US are slumping, some much more than others. Yet, the stock market seems to bounce off the news regardless. Dave and I discuss why this divergence exists. We outline which market fundamentals are struggling. We discuss the likely direction the debt markets are headed, and how painful it will be when they crash.

Dave and I cover just about every major market in this discussion. Listen to the video to get an update on the current state of the markets.


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Dave’s website is Investment Research Dynamics, where he writes two newsletters, Mining Stock Journal and Short Seller’s Journal.


Investment Research Dynamics
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