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Aging Population Puts Brakes on Economic Growth, Part 5

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This video discusses why the aging populations of major economies is certain to put the brakes on continued economic growth.

The damage this will cause to these nations is almost immeasurable. Most economic assumptions governments make, including the US, is to expect continued growth over time. This is how economic policy is developed, and monies are spent AHEAD OF TIME for social welfare and military programs (aka guns and butter).

Politicians use these policies to bribe the voting public into electing them. But when the growth stops, those politicians will be ‘out of business’ in selling free money. The bigger problem than the politicians are those who depend on those programs will be out of luck, and have to find a way to pay their own way in the world.

Even though there are literally millions of people grafting off the current economy, there are those will be legitimately hurt by the economic collapse. Those people include the legitimately disabled who cannot care for themselves even though they may want to. They also include the aged who no longer possess the ability to work full time in a job that will generate enough income to pay the bills.

More in the video on how this trend is unfolding.