Venezuela Erupts, Yellow Vests Protest, & Socialism Stinks
January 27, 2019
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Interview with Nordic Gold President & CEO Michael Hepworth
February 1, 2019

Key Concepts You Can Use to Avoid Bad Investment Advice, Part 1

Welcome to the start of the Investor Education Center, created for our subscribers! Here we discuss the ins and outs of economic and financial data that you can use to educate yourself and power charge your financial decision making. The information is presented in very easy to understand format and is targeted those people who are not financial experts, but want to learn more about how to maintain wealth and invest safely.

Part one of the series goes over the things to watch out for when listening to financial commentators and pundits and where you can locate good sources of data for your own review.

We also begin the series by examining several important data points, including:

  1. Treasury Yield Curve
  2. Inflation (CPI)
  3. Current Energy Costs and Future Projections

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