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January 14, 2019
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From Magic to Medicine, Silver’s Luster Outshines All

Magic of Silver

Since the beginning of time, silver has fascinated people around the world. The metal has been the subject of various religions, a tireless tool of trade, a shiny sign of wealth, and a unique metal whose very special properties have made it stand out from its peers.

Silver's Magic History

Silver’s Magic History


Here are the top ten reasons why silver will shine brighter than gold in 2019.

  1. Silver is a part of age old religious traditions across the globe.
  2. Silver’s unique luster has made it one of the most popular components of many culture’s adornment during ceremony.
  3. Silver can be used to keep food and drink safe to consume.
  4. Silver has a long list of medicinal uses which are increasing each year as we come up with new uses for it.
  5. Silver was instrumental in establishing the world wide personal photography movement, which is the basis for the popularity of photographic services now spreading across the Internet.
  6. Silver is critical for development of green technologies designed for a cleaner and more efficient environment.
  7. Silver is essential to the many electronic devices we rely on today for our everyday enjoyment and productivity.
  8. Silver is essential to automobiles and therefore autonomous movement of people.
  9. Silver can be used as an alternative money substitute when economies experience extreme conditions such as in Argentina and Brazil. Indeed, silver was the very first monetary metal and has existed in this context for over 6000 years. And it is cheaper per ounce when times are tough.
  10. Silver is used in coins and medal for wealth preservation because it is expected to grow in use and value while available production declines at the same time. Unlike gold, most silver is not safely stored away in bars and coins.

So if you trying to decide which precious metal is more valuable moving forward, then I say pick silver! But really, you can’t go wrong with either one of them.