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Free Precious Metals Planner

These calculators are included to help you with planning a potential precious metals portfolio. Everyone investing in gold and silver should use a planner to determine who much they actually need.
Please copy the results down when you are done, as they are not stored on the site and will disappear when you leave this page.
Note that references to gold and silver on this site refer to physical, real metals and not any sort of paper product like an ETF or other paper derivative of gold or silver. 




Disclaimer: I do not store any of this information and what you enter is private and confidential. These calculators are provided as one potential tool to help you model a portfolio of gold and silver investments based upon your individual needs and risk tolerances, and should be used for informational purposes towards that end. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell a specific product; this site is not offering specific investment advisory services; and further is not acting in the role of a licensed broker or dealer.