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Robert Kientz

Over twenty years of investment experience in the bond, stock, real estate, commodities, Forex, and precious metals markets. I emphasize long-term, cycle investing in the precious metals markets. My research focus on:

  • Precious Metals Analysis

  • Economic Forecasts

  • Contrarian Investment

The current gold asset cycle is the largest I had ever charted. My service will show you how to capitalize on what I believe to be our lifetimes’ most significant generational wealth pattern.

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300,000+ Reviews 4.8/5 Average Rating

Located in Dallas, Texas, JM Bullion is a trustworthy online retailer that works directly with mints and distributors to ensure that the products the customer receives are of the highest quality.

  • Experienced online retailer

  • Wide range of products and deals

  • Robust customer service support

  • Delivered directly to your door

Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Our mission is to understand your reasons for purchasing precious metals for wealth preservation, financial privacy, and avoiding counter-party risk, amongst other objectives.

  • The lowest price period

  • No minimum purchase

  • Volume discount savings

  • Personalized customer experience

You can earn gold and silver just by using your account. With the Kinesis Card the more precious metals you spend, the more gold and silver you earn.

Why should I buy Gold and Silver in the first place?

Now is the time we will see gold and silver be the best investment to hedge against rising inflation, geopolitical conflict, and major economic turmoil.
If you're not in, get in.

*Special deals may vary. All purchases made through these affiliations are the responsibility of the purchaser, and Gold Silver Pros takes no responsibility with regard to the transactions with the individual vendors nor the performance of any assets purchased.

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